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September 27th strikes even larger than September 20th, totalling 7 million+ protesters with nearly 100 ClimateEmergency Declarations! PDF Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Sisto Bruni   
Giovedì 17 Ottobre 2019 21:04

altTo the surprise of many, the number of protesters involved on Friday September 27, the #globalstrike closing out our massive #WeekForFuture, was actually even larger than the opening day September 20, already hailed in and of itself as perhaps the largest climate demonstration in history. Now it is unquestionably the largest environmental protest of all times. The numbers are bound to rise as more cities report, a gargantuan undertaking. Furthermore, we are increasingly aware that we have built the foundation for further growth and that this is one of the most arduous parts of the process.

During the #WeekForFuture both #GlobalStrikes, involving 90% of the world’s countries, were counted as a single event to bracket the UN Climate Summit and show world leaders that we are watching them and we want them to act. During that week, an astonishing 7 million+ people demonstrated around their world, with many countries and towns reporting more than double their previous best from every climate march. Fourteen countries having over 1% and 24 cities having over 3% population turnout. This significant turnout shows leaders that we want them to create a safe pathway under 1.5C’ increase in global temperature, our main demand. There is a feeling of joy as 94 major cities, with 900million residents, i.e. over 10% of the world, and Austria all declare Climate Emergency after heavy strikes on both days. We want our leaders to all declare that we are in the midst of Climate Emergency and we want them to deal with it concrete measures to change the trajectory of emissions growth and environmental degradation.

Despite all the high-sounding talk, and run-up to this ostensibly all-important climate conference, once again the UN failed us. Our so-called world leaders are showing themselves to not be listening, to not understand the gravity of the situation, to not take their responsibility seriously for finding a solution to this existential threat to humanity. It was just another carbon expensive party, with people flying in from all corners of the earth, all talk and no action! It seems that ‘economically-viable solutions’ are still their main theme.


The worldwide strikes of September 20-27 were just the beginning. We’ll be back and we already have our next date on the calendar. We will take to the streets in countries around the world on November 29, the Friday prior to the start of the COP25, which will take place in Santiago, Chile from December 2-13, 2019.

Since November 29 is Black Friday, several countries will strike locally, some FridaysForFuture groups are considering striking at stores involved in Black Friday shopping promotions. Also Chile will go with a super large strike on December 6. Many countries are planning one day or the other, and some both. You can see each countries’ plans on this web page, each town’s plans here. Add your plans here.

Leaders will be making decisions there that will decisively affect the livability of our planet today and long into the future. We want them to know that we are not even mildly impressed so far, that we demand action and that we are watching. They spend a lot of carbon on not deciding to act and just delay the decision to their ‘next’ conference. Delay is effectively denial.

We want every person of conscience to join us every Friday, especially on November 29 and December 6 in Chile.

Everybody is welcome. Everybody is needed.



FFF is a global movement recognizing

the climate emergency and

wanting a safe pathway under 1.5C.

Organiser News October


October 11, 2019 C40 meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2,000 worldwide strikes.

94 Cities Declared Climate Emergency!

Now we need to begin the process to ‘create a safe pathway under 1.5C.’

October 18, 2019 2,000 worldwide strikes.

October 22, 2019 Earth Day Network announcement.

October 25, 2019 2,000 worldwide strikes.

October 29, 2019 FridaysForFuture Erasmus Daun/Brussels Camp.

November 1, 2019 EU Ursula von der Leyen 100 day countdown start. 2,000 strikes.

November 1-4, 2019 Munich, Germany Meeting

November 29, 2019, Global Action/Strike For Future, estimate 5,000 strikes.

December 6, 2019, COP25, Chile will strike large.

February, 8, 2020,  EU Ursula von der Leyen 100 day countdown End!

April 13, 2020, Monday XR Rebellion start.

April 22, 2020, Wednesday Earth Day Network,

50 year anniversary. (plans to engage up to 1 billion people)

1 May, 2020, Friday, May day Union demonstrations.

14 May, 2020, Pope Francis calling a Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance.

15 May, 2020, Friday, suggested Earth Strike. Unsuitable for Canada.

21 September, 2020, Monday, Leaders’ Biodiversity Summit

Fridaysforfuture are currently examining dates for early 2020.

Please fill out this form to assist calendar work.

Numbers September 20 and 27 Results

#WeekForFuture People 7.2 million, (41% reported, expected outcome 7.3M)

Events: 8,127

Cities: 3,451

Countries: 174

Continents: 7

Has your town reported? Report here:https://www.fridaysforfuture.

Country %

1. Cyprus 24%

2. Brunei 22.7%

3. Tokelau 20%

4. New Zealand 3.5%

5. Iceland 3.4%

6. Canada 2.1%

7. Ireland 2%

8. Austria 2%

9. Italy 1.8%

10. Germany 1.7%

11. Australia 1.6%

12. Switzerland 1.5%

13. Spain 1.1%

14. Sweden 1%


Percentage striker map, 0.244 is 24.4%


Link to above Graph. Updated daily

See below some of the many Cities having excellent #ClimateStrike turnout!

This is creating strong pressure on politicians to Declare Climate Emergency!

Bern, Switzerland National strike 100,000 (75% of 133,000)

Vancouver, BC, Canada 250,000 (41 % of 610,000 metro)

Victoria, BC, Canada 20,000 (23% of 86,000)

Lausanne, Switzerland 18,000 (15% of 120,000) M15

Montreal, Canada  500,000 (13% of 4M)

Quebec City, Canada 60,000 (11.2% of 532,000)

San Francisco, USA 100,000 (11% of 900,000)

Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC, Canada 3,000 (7.5% of 40,000)

Edmundston, Canada 1,100 (6.9% of 16,000)

Milan, Italy 220,000 (6.6% of 3.3M)

Turin, Italy 150,000 ( 6.5% of 2.3M)

Berlin, Germany 230,000 (6% of 3.5M pop)

Stockholm, Sweden 60,000 (6% of 1M)

Revelstoke, BC, Canada 820 (5.9% of 14,000)

St. John’s, NL, Canada 10,000 (5.7% of 178,000)

Hamburg, Germany 100,000 (5.5% of 1.8M)

Naples, Italy 150,000 (5% of 3M)

Yellowknife, NT, Canada 1,000 (5% of 20,000)

Vännäs, Sweden 400 (5% of 8,000) M15

Rome, Italy  200,000 (4.7% of 4.3M)

Madrid, Spain 150,000 (4.6% of 3.3M)

Kanata, Ottawa, ON, Canada 5,000 (4.2% of 117,000)

Manchester, UK 100,000 (3.6% of 2.8M)

Corvallis, Oregon, 2,000 (3.5% of 58,000)

Halifax, NS 10,000 (3.2 of 316,000)

Orford, UK 5,000 (3.2% of 155,000)

Portland, Oregon, USA 20,000 (3.1% of 640,000)

Melbourne, Australia 150,000 (3.1% of 4.8M)

Seville, Spain 20,000 (2.9% of 700,000)

Toronto, Canada 80,000 (2.9% of 2.8M)

Ottawa, Canada 25,000 (2.5% of 1M)

Seattle, USA 20,000 (2.3% of 750,000)

Winnipeg, MB, Canada 15,000 (1.9% of 780,000)

Santiago, Chile 100,000 (1.5% of 6.5M)

New York, USA 300,000 (1.4% of 20M)

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